GRUP MEDIAPRO behind the production of the Latin Grammy Awards


GRUP MEDIAPRO behind the production of the Latin Grammy Awards

Mediapro Events was the trusted agency selected by The Latin Recording Academy to organize two of the galas and manage the Media Center.

GRUP MEDIAPRO played a prominent role in the production of the Latin Grammy Awards, one of the music industry’s most prestigious events and which were held in Seville on November 16. For the first time in its 24-year history, the awards ceremony was held outside the United States and to do so, the organization relied on the ample experience of GRUP MEDIAPRO, which successfully organized and produced the principal awards ceremonies of the event as well as producing the the signal for the ceremonies, which in Spain alone was followed by more than two million viewers.

Group company Mediapro Events, which specializes in the creation of events, was selected as the agency entrusted by The Latin Recording Academy to organize and produce two of the most relevant events of the awards. This GRUP MEDIAPRO company was responsible for coordinating more than 900 broadcast professionals and successfully producing Person of the Year, a gala with more than 2,000 guests and which honored the career of singer Laura Pausini this year. Mediapro Events was also in charge of The Premier, an event featuring live performances in which 40 awards were presented and which was broadcast via streaming.

Mediapro Events was also responsible for managing the Media Center which on this ocassion played host to more than 100 journalists travellling to the Andalusian capital for the affair and from where the media received the signal for the main gala, which was distributed through The Latin Recording Academy.

Eumovil, a GRUP MEDIAPRO company specializing in technical service provision, also played a major role in the event and was in charge of generating and distributing the official signal for the Grammys to Televisión Española and Univision. In the U.S. alone, more than 12 million viewers watched the event. To carry out this production, Eumovil deployed a significant team of broadcast professsionals as well as technical resources, involving over 70 broadcast professionals, 2 HD Outside Broadcast units and more than 30 HD cameras, which also featured several special cameras including steady cams, sky cams and telescopic crane cameras.